What Now?

Like a lot of people, I've been looking for ways to channel my emotion into productive action. As part of that, I've been reading a lot of advice from people wiser than I am. I wanted to gather all that I've bookmarked or favorited in one place. I'll update it with more as I have time. Suggestions welcome: tweet me @tweetsofneets.

Read and Understand

Here are a few perspectives that I have found helpful in understanding what's happening and what is yet to come.

Get Involved

1. Call your representatives. Get all your friends to call, too.

For more depth on this: How to Effectively Lobby Your Congressperson

To make it easier to make a habit of doing this, put your federal, state, and municipal representatives in your phone's contacts. Then share those with your family and neighbors. If you're not sure who represents you, you can look up their names here. NYC residents can find all their elected representatives with contact information at mygovnyc.org.

2. Contact your local and state representatives. What you say and what you need from them will vary depending on where you live, so you'll need to figure this out. But demand that they get the ball rolling. My city council member is holding a strategy meeting with his constiutents this weekend—is yours? Has your mayor, your police department, your governor, issued any kind of statement?

3. Keep in communication with your friends, your neighbors, your local business owners, and local organizations. Gather the skills, resources, and influence you have and figure out how to leverage that to help the most vulnerable. Be there for each other. Offline is better.

Don't be silent

If you see someone being harassed or targeted, don't stay silent. Here are some tips on how to intervene:

This illustrated guide is by Maeril, an art blogger living in Paris. It was intended for instances of Islamophobic harrassment but applies equally to other situations: What to do if you are witnessing Islamophobic harrassment

An example of intervention @RealAvocadoFact

Donate your time and/or money

Find a cause you believe in, and dedicate your time and/or money to it. Below is just a handful of national organizations. Do seek out local groups that need your help and your skills (legal expertise, language/translation, counseling, computer skills, organization, etc.).

Support good journalism

We need strong, independent journalism willing to give up access if that means being free to provide honest reporting. Subscribe to your local newspaper (if you still have one). Here's some reporting this year that I found worth supporting:

Updated on November 18, 2016